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The Diocese of Dharmapuri was erected on 24th January, 1997 by His
Holiness Pope John Paul II by separating the whole civil district of Dharmapuri
from the Diocese of Salem. The First Bishop was the Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Antony
Irudayaraj, SDB, D.D, (25.04.1997 – 13.01.2012). The Second Bishop is the
Most Rev. Dr. Lawrence Pius, D.D, (20.02.2012- ). Since 2004 the Diocese of
Dharmapuri comprises of two civil districts viz. Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri.
A. Mass for the People (MISSA PRO POPULO)
The Parish priests and the Parochial Administrators are obliged to celebrate
“Missa Pro Populo” on all Sundays and Solemnities of Christmas and
Assumption. They are allowed to take only one Stipend from the Binated or
Trinated Masses. They are also requested to send to the Procure regularly
every quarter, the number of Binations and Trinations.
B. Mass Stipends
1. Ordinary Mass Rs 100.00
2. Sung Mass Rs 120.00
3. Gregorian Mass (30) Rs 6000.00
4. Mass of “Perpetual Foundation” Rs 1500.00. Foundation is accepted only for
a period of 25 years.
A copy of the foundation Masses should be kept in the sacristy and another
copy in the parish Archives.
C. The Sacred Congregation obliges all the Priests of the Diocese to offer one
Holy Mass each year for the members, living and dead, of the Congregation
of Propagation of Faith and Holy Childhood. According to the custom of the
diocese this mass should be exonerated in December.
D. It is obligatory to attend Mass on all Sundays of the year and on the feasts of
Assumption and Christmas.
E. For pastoral reasons, Sunday mass may be offered on Saturday evening;
the faithful who participate in this mass fulfill the Sunday obligation. Those
parishes, which would like to start Sunday obligation Mass on Saturday
evening, have to apply to the Local Ordinary and get a written permission.
F. There should be no Mass in the houses on Sunday and the days of obligation.
G. Whenever any one of our Confreres dies, all the priests of our diocese are
requested to offer three masses for the repose of his soul and mark it in the
mass diary as early as possible.
H. Every year during the retreat, all the Priests will offer a Mass for the deceased
priests of our diocese.
I. Every diocesan priest for the medical needs of diocesan Priests, annually
offers 30 masses for the intention of the curia.
A. The law of fasting and abstinence is binding on Ash Wednesday and Good
B. The law of abstinence alone is binding:
1. On all the Fridays of Lent.
2. Abstinence on these days is obligatory for all those who have completed the
age of 14.
C. The TNBC Decree offers a variety of ways of doing penance on Fridays.
Faithful are exhorted to fulfill the obligations of observing abstinence by choosing
at least one of the following forms of prayer/penance/works of charity.
1. Attending Mass or making 15 minutes visit to the Blessed Sacrament or
doing 15 minutes meditation on the passion of Our Lord or making the
way of the Cross.
2. Foregoing any one meal.
3. Avoiding meat, fish and egg as well.
4. Giving 10% of one’s daily earning to charity.
Each family has to contribute to the parish in the form of monthly subscription
fixed at each parish towards the maintenance of the parish.
Dharmapuri Diocese
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