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Kalaiaruvi Communication Centre


Pastoral Commissions have been established at the national, regional and diocesan levels in order to coordinate, inspire and implement various pastoral activities. Today, in the church the faith awakening activities are carried out through the various activities of the different commissions.

Commissions in our diocese

1.   Commission for Basic Christian Communities
2.   Commission for Family
3.   Commission for Laity
4.   Commission for Women
5.   Commission for Youth
6.   Commission for Labour
7.   Commission for Vocation
8.   Commission for Bible
9.   Commission for Liturgy
10.  Commission for Catechesis
11.  Commission for  Evangelization
12.  Commission for Dialogue & Ecumenism
13.  Commission for Education
14.  Commission for Social Communication
15.  Charismatic Movement
16.  Legal Cell


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